With OpenDIMS, you get one system where you can gather all your product data (a PIM system) – fast, super flexible and always right for your business. You can create overviews, lists and channels that you can then share with your customers and suppliers. OpenDIMS is easy to navigate and gives you the overview you need – you can create your own overviews that you can filter as you wish. You can export your products directly to your webshop(s) and other sales channels such as Google and Facebook.

Images and other large files are stored as assets in OpenDIMS and you can use them wherever you want. E.g. assembly instructions, 300dpi images, PDF catalogs, certificates, etc. Files are stored in a folder structure so you can quickly find them again.

With OpenDIMS you get:

  • A complete overview of your product data
  • File and media bank
  • Streamlined internal processes
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Automatic distribution of data to sales channels
  • Connectors (automation):
    • DanDomain
    • Scanning
    • Shopify
    • Wannafind
    • Smartweb
    • XML
    • CSV


Connectors are used to automate tasks/tasks – for example, if you want your updated products sent to your DanDomain or Facebook webshop every night. As standard, you get CSV and XML connectors so you can import and export your data quickly and efficiently. Other connectors can be purchased as needed.