OpenDIMS is the fountain of truth for all your products

OpenDIMS is the fountain of truth for all your vital data

We call it Single Point Of Truth – SPOT

OpenDIMS is the fastest and most user-friendly data management system on the market.

With OpenDIMS, you get a piece of SaaS where you can work safely and securely. All your data is secure and super easy to access from anywhere and any platform.

You can make your DIMS exactly how you want it. Use OpenDIMS your way – we don’t force internal names and concepts on you and your employees, which means you don’t have to take long and expensive courses, but you as a company can quickly get to work.

OpenDIMS is pretty much a complete solution, ideal for companies that need to have a complete overview of data, which of course makes it an excellent tool. Nevertheless, it can seem complex with all the options available.

Many integrations

OpenDIMS integrates with many of the most important systems, such as ERP, Webshops, Dandomain, Shopify, C5, BC, WooCommerce and many more. All data is yours and you always have access to it and can export it whenever and wherever you want.

Fully configurable

With OpenDIMS, you get a system that is fully configurable and you don’t need a lot of IT knowledge to get started… we help you in the onboarding phase to get you off to a great start. We’ll help you as much as we can to give you the best possible experience.

Inexpensive PIM system

OpenDIMS is so flexible that it can also be set up to work as a PIM system (PIM stands for Product Information Management) and can be customized to your webshop with user-friendly administration, complete control and seamless integration.

Standard integrations

Join hundreds of happy customers

Through creativity, integrity and innovation

A well-run webshop depends on an efficient PIM system… and you get it for free when you use OpenDIMS

When an online store reaches a certain size or plans to expand to multiple markets, it becomes crucial to implement a PIM system. This system handles an extensive and complex amount of product data and makes it easy and straightforward to create, edit and optimize product information.

The benefit of centralizing information is that you can always trust that the product data is valid and up to date. An additional benefit is that it will be easy to distribute the information through different channels such as Shopify, Dandomain, Google Shopping and Amazon.

Using OpenDIMS as a PIM system gives you a tailored PIM solution for webshops with a large product range and is designed to make it easy to manage all product information.

OpenDIMS is carefully planned and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance, security and stability.

PIM data for webshops

Every company needs a PIM system to keep track of products, documents, certificates, images and much more, but few companies can actually afford it – PIM systems are usually a very, very expensive investment and therefore an impossibility for many.

OpenDIMS gives everyone – even small businesses – the opportunity to benefit from a PIM system.

For many companies, OpenDIMS solves the PIM challenge. OpenDIMS can be used as a PIM system, where an integrated part is a comprehensive webshop export solution, constructed with several modular building blocks. This approach eliminates the need to create a completely new system from scratch every time.


OpenDIMS is fast, super user-friendly and focused on your market – and OpenDIMS is packed with functionality and integrations out-of-the-box

One platform with multiple features

We’ve focused on creating a system that offers comprehensive control in a user-friendly way.

That’s why we’ve simplified the process of creating products and editing information, including categories, brands, tags, prices, images and more.


OpenDIMS is the perfect choice when it comes to handling data, orders and products as simply as possible

OpenDIMS is one of the 3 business-critical systems you need to use in your company:

  1. Mail & calendar: Communication and planning
  2. OpenDIMS:
    Daily operations where employees perform their tasks, intranet, overviews, driving, documentation, PIM, time clock, etc.
  3. ERP / Finance:
    Invoicing, accounting, pricing, inventory, payroll, etc.

Customer service is our keyword

With us, you are not just another customer; you are our most important asset in every way. That’s why we spend a lot of time with you and are careful to advise and guide you so that you use OpenDIMS in the optimal way for your business… It doesn’t cost anything to ask and we’re happy to help

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