Understanding OpenDIMS

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OpenDIMS is essentially a database where you create gadgets. In OpenDIMS, you create “Data Types”, which contain your own “Fields” that are displayed in “Field Groups”. You can create “Filters” so you can create overviews with exactly the view you want of your data/dimensions.

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Who uses OpenDIMS?

OpenDIMS is primarily used by companies and institutions that want to collect data and want the ability to create small applications in everyday life without the need for a developer or other IT team. The simple creation of OpenDIMS database applications is particularly appreciated. If you consider OpenDIMS as the only and primary place to store data in your company, you can see significant advantages over other applications and SaaS solutions that offer to store data in the cloud, such as PIM, Sharepoint, etc. It’s the more complex system and is exactly suited to businesses that can harness the potential there. OpenDIMS stores data in a relational structure, which means that indexing and searches are utilized to the fullest.

5 obvious benefits of OpenDIMS as a database model

  1. Super user-friendly with minimal employee training
  2. Advanced user management, so anyone (including external users) can access the fields you choose.
  3. Very high data security and data access security (additional protection against malware.)
  4. Is independent of the operating system. You just need a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc. and works on all platforms like Linux, Mac, UNIX or Windows.
  5. Information is easy to structure, filter and find quickly. All authorized employees have access to current information. Since OpenDIMS is a database based on dimes, each element (dims) has its own ID, making it easy and unique to find.
  6. OpenDIMS applications have a clear advantage: with minimal effort and low costs, applications can be developed quickly, so you have a system at hand that can be adapted to the individual needs of a company (even with rapidly emerging changes) and expanded flexibly.

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Mobile app development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

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